Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Erin's Law

Erin Merryn, 26 years old, from Illinois is a childhood sexual abuse survivor.  She has had two books published.  One, "Stolen Innocence," is about her journey through the pain and confusion cause by rape and abuse to ultimately finding strength to overcome.  Her second book, "Living For Today," is about her journey after the abuse and touches on her mission to get a law passed that mandates children be educated by law in schools on sexual abuse in a child friendly manner.

Erin went on a crusade to get Erin's law passed in Illinois. Erin testified to the Senate in May 2010 and all voted for Erin's law SB2843. November 2010 she testified to House and Erin's law was passed 110 yes votes. Erin's law was signed by Governor Pat Quinn February 14 2011.

Erin is now working to pass this law on a national level.  She will be speaking in DC next month.  We wish her the best of luck and pray that this law will be passed.  It is amazing what one person can do!

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